Cue Burn Digital: Mini-Mix & T-Shirt Design

Posted in Releases on 13th May 2012 by danmuteki

Recently I’ve been flexing my mix-muscle by creating a promo mini-mix for Cue Burn Digital, the fine and tasty label that’s been host to my releases. It’s called The Burn-Up.

What I’ve done is taken chunks and slices of all of the tracks released by Cue Burn Digital so far, and remixed them into a concise, protein-enriched 7-minute bonanza of ravey, jungly goodness.

The idea being: if you’ve heard the tracks before, it’s a new angle for you to enjoy; if not, it’s a tasty precis of the sounds you can expect to find on the label.

More info about this mix is nestling here.

Listen to it right now:

… and then, why not investigate and snap up the full tracks on Ravedownload and Juno?

ALSO! If you fancy a nice 320k MP3 of The Burn-Up, you’ll receive one free with purchases from the Cue Burn merchandise shop on Dizzyjam.

The newest design is one of my own devising:

As you might notice, it’s a reworking of the iconic cover art of the Super Disco Brake’s compilations. Spelling, apostrophe, and all.

Buy it, wear it, impress your friends, and endure the following incredible revelation from passing pub-quiz types over and over and over again:

Just try not to get blood all over it.


Thief State – CBDIGI004

Posted in Releases on 9th June 2011 by danmuteki

Out now on Cue Burn Digital:

Back with a towering inferno of apocalyptic Hardcore Breaks, Muteki brings you the sounds of a city ripped apart by thundering breaks, bass, stabs, hoovers and pianos. You have to hear this one to believe it!

Thief State

OUT NOW – grab it at the Nu-Rave shop, with exclusive artwork and labels…

Or, grab it on Juno Download!

Thief-o-static feedback:

“OMG this is one of my favourite Muteki choons”

“damn fine choooooooon”

“Love it, great work!”


National Magazine in Sick Filthy Subversive Rave Agenda Sensation

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Following on from their Hardcore Breaks ‘how to’ guide in the June 2011 issue, music tech mag Computer Music seemingly slipped a subliminal ad for Future Rave Anthems 4 into the pages of their July issue too:

 Click for view >>  

… Just to visually demonstrate how one might browse for an album on the internet. You can imagine my surprise that they chose to illustrate this with the one album in the universe that I am actually on.

So thank you, Computer Music, for putting my name and track into (very small) print, for absolutely no reason.

Look out for my free recipe cards in next week’s Woman’s Realm…

Future Jungle

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As much as I’ve wanted to be making music in the first half of this year, I’ve been occupied with a multitude of other things. So it’s perfect that during this period of not ‘being around’ as such, ravey influences have seemingly crept further towards the forefront of dance music.

If you’d have asked me, it was only a matter of time, but with it has come another squirmy gesticulation to try and work out ‘what to call it all’. Following on from the messy “nu-rave” tug-o-war a few years back, “future jungle” is a label that’s been sprouting up of late.

Now, I know why this sort of genre churning comes about, it’s sort of 70% definition of nuance and 30% rebranding exercise. I’m fine with it, but it has made me ponder why ‘rave’ appears to be such a grubby word when it seems the most concise summation of the sound. Say ‘jungle’ to the layman and he’ll think of DnB, say ‘hardcore’ and he’ll think of punk porn. Your Mum/Nan/bank manager knows what rave is.

(… Hmm. Maybe that’s why…)

Maniac: new track on Future Rave Anthems 4

Posted in Releases on 5th December 2010 by danmuteki

It’s been so long since I last made a post, you’d be forgiven for thinking that nothing’s been happening in the Muteki studio. Quite the opposite.

For starters, back at the end of August I supplied a brand new track for inclusion on a forthcoming compilation. And that compilation has just been released:

Future Rave Anthems 4

A new triple album on Can You Feel It, selected and expertly mixed by the man Vinyl Junkie.

Fifty brand new tracks, and three huge mixes, for a mere £9.99 £7.49! Click here for the tracklisting, and to bag your copy.

The contribution from me is Maniac, my latest Hardcore Breaks assault, ever-unfolding with mental stabs, solid breaks and hoovers going off left, right and centre. I’m really pleased with it, and what’s more it’s exclusive to this album.


You can also hear a preview of the mixes on the Future Rave Anthems 4 page.

“He was hoping it’d get played at raves…”

Update: New lower price, plus you can also get it on iTunes!

Transmission reviewed in Venue Magazine

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Transmission / Rave Motion Gun received a very positive four-star review in this week’s issue of Venue Magazine, the weekly listings mag and what’s on guide for Bristol & Bath.

The choicest quote:

Local beatsmith Muteki has more ideas here than some producers manage in their entire career

:) Read the review for yourself, by clicking the scan below…

Cue Burn / Muteki in Venue Magazine

Posted in Uncategorized on 28th May 2010 by danmuteki

This week’s issue of Venue Magazine features a spotlight on Cue Burn Digital, Mulder and Transmission!

Click the scan to read…